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Matt and Lily : a great spot for a romantic proposal

After the very positive post of Patrick on TripAdvisor, Matt came to us requesting for the same mission, this time at the Luxembourg Gardens, under a beautiful sun, the 26 of June of 2010. A different atmosphere by comparison with our first proposal thanks to the weather.

Our two lovers were from Philadelphia, in the United States and were on trip in Paris. Matt had the great idea to do his proposal to Lily during a walk at the Luxembourg Gardens.

During this walk, some great shots had been taken : through the branches of a tree for example when Matt saw us and smiled because Lily didn’t…

This spot was perfect for shooting all the romantic breaks during which the lovers are kissing each other. We can also see Matt & Lily staring at one of the French Queen’s Statue presented in the Gardens that date back to 1843.

At the end of the walk in the Gardens Matt did his proposal, Lily said obviously yes ! Who would say “no” to this kind of proposal in Paris ? Nobody, nowhere and never.

As usual during this kind of day, a shooting get started in some great spots near the one of the proposal. The first one is the Saint Michel Boulevard, just crossing the street to go to the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris for stopping there during a few more shots.

Afterwards a break is necessary for our lovers in a typical Parisian Coffee because walking around in Paris is an international sport. After enjoying a hot coffee, Matt and Lily went to the Pont-Neuf, to the Seine Banks with a point of view to the Eiffel Tower.

The shooting ended by night, waiting for the sparkling of the Eiffel Tower, which permitted great shots of Matt & Lily.

This proposal was the second one of a long, very long list of proposals in Paris. Thanks to Matt & Lily for this day which was incredible and unique, as usual.

Go check Matt’s post on TripAdvisor about this day :

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