A fast organization process

For the first time since the creation of proposal-in-paris.com, this proposal involved more than eight persons. What a team: a challenging organization …

All of this was settled in 3 days. The decision of the spot was clear: down Iena Bridge on the Seine banks. It offers a perfect view on the Eiffel Tower without too many people passing through. An amazing spot for this beautiful but complex proposal! Why complex? First of all, this was the first surprise proposal that we haven’t prepared with the fiance himself. All was set up with his brother. Two assistants were holding the banner. Two videographers (one moving all the time, one was using a tripod), two photographers and two musicians. Great atmosphere, great evening!

We were called to organize the proposal one week before their arrival in Paris. He asked for a romantic set up : a bunch of flowers on a slick. We had hired two musicians playing “La Vie en Rose”, an iconic French song formerly played by Edith Piaf. Last but not least, a 15 meters large banner saying “Will You Marry?”.

Let’s say a few words about our two love mates (their names have to remain secret). V. is the successor of an Indian infrastructure company and R. works as a journalist for an Indian TV Channel.

On the day

Bruno, as the photographer and Pierre, his son, as a videographer, waited for the couple’s car at the Carousel near Trocadero Park. Then, they followed them from the meeting point to the proposal spot trying to remain hidden all the way.

V. & R. understood that was the place and time for proposing when they saw on their way along the Seine banks the slick, the bunch of flowers, and the musicians obviously waiting for them.

The proposal took place in the evening, around 7 p.m. so the backlight was tough to handle for videographers but we made our possible, as usual 😉

Once the couple was walking from the staircase to the slick, a pink candle was lighted on the slick ans rose petals dispatched on it.

And the musicians started to play the song … After a few minutes during which the couple took selfies with the Eiffel Tower and were holding hands, our guys displayed the banner. And V. got down on one knee. R. did not seem very surprised, she smiled when she understood what her love mate was going to ask her…

She said yes! Her brother and sister in law were looking over the scene from the top of the stair case. They applauded and so did all the people around.

Once she said yes the pressure got down for the team… We could breathe again…

Then the photo-shoot took place near the proposal spot. We walked all the way along the Seine river banks to the Bir-Hakeim bridge. This is where Bruno could take the last great pictures of that session and Pierre got great shots for the movie!

Our love mates were very happy after they saw the pictures on line. Almost 100 images have been edited and retouched!

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Author: Thomas, for Proposal-in-Paris team