Alfonso and Lisa are from New Jersey, USA, and they were visiting Paris during the Valentine’s Day week.

I was in touch with Alfonso since December, when he decided to propose to Lisa during their travel inParis.

Everything was scheduled and managed with emails and text messages, and without Lisa knowing… we were lucky to have a beautiful sunny winter afternoon.

They were visiting the Eiffel Tower, and walking down the Seine River, where I had two assistants help me stay hidden while I was taking candid photos, unknown to Lisa.

When we reached the Pont de Bir-Hakeim Bridge, she was really surprised when Alfonso proposed.  That was amazing and so heartful ! What a beautiful job!

I was then introduced to Lisa, and we continued taking photos throughout Paris, including the Passerelle Debilly ( a pedestrian metal bridge ) while the sun was slowly fading.  I picked them up in my car to go near the Arc de Triomphe , and took the last shots using the very last beams of day light.

Each assistant also had a DSLR with video features so we could document the event with a short “behind the scene” video featuring an interview of the couple. 🙂

I encourage you to look at the photos and this video, so you will see how we take the best of every spot , hiding cars, bins and signs out of the photographs. Please see the video of their interview, just after the photo-shooting