When Bjorn contacted me a few months ago , he had searched on the internet for stunning proposal spots in Paris and selected a few proposal photographers in Paris. But when he found out that one of his friends at work had already used my services in the past, his decision was very quickly made!

I am posting today because it’s been a few months since my last slideshow from proposal photographs. I am a bit surprised to see that so few of my clients decide to choose this option.

I offer it for a quite affordable price (between 190€ and 290€).

Of course, I cannot give it for free : it requires artistic skills , some specific sowtwares and a few hours to be created.

I don’t want to sell an automatic machine-made slideshow that would be the same for everybody. I don’t even want to create the kind of slideshow that everybody can do on line or with iPhoto !

I studied music for years and I think I am quite good in searching original and emotional soundtracks. Combined with the very best photos of the session, the impact is really deeper than just scrolling photos !!!!

Please have a look at this video and give me some feedback 😉