Do you know that 99% of my proposal photo-sessions are done with couples coming from everywhere in the world but not France … it’s not that French guys are not keen on keeping beautiful photos of that moment, they just don’t know it’s possible to do it!

Nowadays, being visible is the main problem to be solved by professional photographers. Advertising is useless. Proposal/Engagement photos are a “niche” market.

Word to mouth remains the best way for me to be know as a high quality photographer in Paris!

We live in the digital era , and everything seems to be better if it’s digital.

Yes , but the images I create with my clients are not just made for posting on Facebook, like smartphone snapshots, quickly forgotten!

They are lifetime memories. They are like jewels, which are not made for keeping in safe!

I received today a “thank you message” from a couple in Miami, with whom we had a wonderful photo-session last February.

They did insist to have a printed book, although I had included many digital files in the contract. They were so happy to have this photo book in their hands they sent me some photos of it : they are here down below.

And my conclusions on all this are quite simple : if you think of proposing in Paris and you are reading this article


Leather 14×10 book made in Italy and delivered to your door


Portrait book , perfectly printed on photographic paper (or Fine Art traditional paper for a more artistic feel)


And this how it was carefully delivered to my clients in Miami 😉