Alex and Emily are from the USA. Alex contacted me a month before they travel, with an unusual project. On Thanksgiving night, he had planned to propose in front of the Louvre Museum’s Pyramid. That was great, but then, his plan was to invite his girlfriend to a nice restaurant. That is lovely but not really original.

The trick was he had convinced her parents and his parents to fly to Paris to be there at the restaurant. And THAT was a rocking idea!!!
Choosing the Pyramid as a backdrop was not a mistake. Emily lived many months in France many years ago when she was a student and she lived a few blocks from Le Louvre. She had mentioned the Louvre as her favorite place many times, so Alex did not take any risk choosing that special location.

That trip to France was supposed to be just for the two of them some deserved holidays in Paris. This is what Emily thought. In fact, all of their close family had traveled to France two days before. And they were all there waiting for the couple at the restaurant on that Thanksgiving night. What a fabulous idea after a proposal!

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