Fernando is an industrial engineer from Guadalajara, Mexico, and his girlfriend, Yolanda, is from there too but she works as a collector administrator. Fernando contacted us on April the 14th through the website Studio Bruno Cohen, not the Proposal in Paris one… He wanted us to be on the meeting point on May the 13th, which was the Pont des Arts, also known as the locks bridge.

This bridge, for those who don’t know Paris, is an incredible Bridge for lovers, with its locks.. That was the first time in Paris for Yolanda and the third one for Fernando. The weather was great, and actually the meeting was at 8 a.m., so the streets were empty and the daylight incredible!

The photo shooting was like a dream when we started to follow them from the empty Locks bridge to the Louvres Palace. The first pic we took from them was the view of them looking at the Seine river from the bridge… The daylight, their smiles, their faces, their loving gazes to each other, everything was perfect.

Once entered into the Louvres Palace site, they crossed the first yard of the Palace, holding hands, looking at the amazing architecture of the Palace. Afterwards, when they arrived in the second yard of the Palace, where the Pyramid stands, we imagine that Fernando’s heart rate was supposed to be very rapid, so ours were…

When the two love mates arrived below the Pyramid, Fernando took his time before getting down on one knee… But once down, he gave the ring to Yolanda. At this moment, our team took one of the most beautiful picture for a surprise proposal photo shooting.

Yolanda said yes, obviously, who would say no after all of this? The photo shooting get started in the Louvres area, its corridors, its Plaza, and then, the Jardin des Tuileries…

The shooting ended there where we said goodbye and thanks to Fernando and Yolanda.

We wish them well of course.