There are millions of ways to propose, but this one was really incredible!

The plan

Jeremy contacted us having in mind a game of messages in bottles for his girlfriend. That plan was formerly created for a trip in Barbados Island. Unfortunately , their Barbados trip was canceled , and the couple decided to visit Paris instead. So at 5PM, Jeremy would disappear from the room while Kirsty was in the shower. He had left a message in a bottle on the bed. The message was asking to go outside where a big white car was waiting for her. That’s where I pretended I was the driver of the car waiting for her. Every message in a bottle would give a clue to get to another place with a new bottle containing a new message saying where to go etc…

When Jeremy first contacted us , I immediately thought that our Rolls Royce car would be perfect to travel from a place to another. And the driver would be me of course so I didn’t have to hide!

The route

This is how we travelled from Bastille to Pont de l’Archevech√© , then to the Louvre , through Rivoli street, Concorde square , towards Alexander III bridge, and finally to Bir-Hakeim bridge …

Jeremy traveled ahead of us, driven by a motorcycle taxi. He was wearing a helmet and a biker disguise , so we could not recognize him. He installed every bottle with tens of candles. We could see them from very far and everytime we arrived at one spot , he ran to the next place to set up the next bottle.

Finally, Jeremy hid behind a column at Bir-Hakeim to surprise his girlfriend … and he did great! She was so excited at that moment, that seeing Jeremy was like a big relief after 1 hour and a half of chasing through Paris!

The night was cold and dark, so after Jeremy proposed, we enjoyed some short photo sessions at Bir-Hakeim and Alexander III bridges. Then we drove to the restaurant “Comme Chai Toi”, quai de Montebello, where they enjoying a celebrating dinner.

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