How to make a proposal unique

Is it worth waking up early and propose in the morning? That’s a question people often ask me. The best answer is not yes or no. It depends on your expectations in terms of memories. Let’s take a recent example with a client named Rowell, so you’ll understand the different aspects of it.

Rowell contacted us from Manilla, Philipines two months ahead of his trip. He planned it without saying anything to his girlfriend Janina. Actually, he had searched for a proposal photographer in Paris as soon as he had bought the tickets!
Funny fact: Rowell has exactly the same name and last name as a famous movie actor/producer in Philipines. I thought a celebrity would great in my client’s list!!! So the first time he reached out, I asked if he was the famous one or a related person of his family. He replied he was not, but suggested to sign an autograph with great pleasure!

He had anticipated that the proposal would happen on his girlfriend’s Birthday. That was a Monday. She expected something to happen on her birthday dinner. That’s why I strongly suggested to surprise her by proposing on her birthday morning and not in the evening. Another asset of a marriage proposal in the morning is to enjoy most of the iconic places but with fewer people.
We had several emails back and forward until then. I gave him a big list of things to think about from the moment of their arrival until the proposal.

Some “Must-do” in Paris

As planned, the first thing Rowell did after he arrived in Paris was to text me. Then, as soon as he could, he called me. He was very stressed and mentioned he was very disappointed to see that the weather forecast was expected very badly on that Monday morning. I immediately arranged my appointments and suggested to change the day and shift two days earlier the proposal (from Monday to Saturday morning). He accepted my new plan and I gave him my last recommendations:
– make sure his phone was receiving WhatsApp message without wifi
– make sure the background of the place defined for the proposal was clear of tourists before doing anything
– not having anything bothering his hands on the moment he would propose

My tips list is much longer than that, but you get the point: we always anticipate every detail so our proposal photoshoot clients feel more relaxed and confident.

Perfect weather and …perfect time!

Everything happened perfectly on Saturday morning. The sky was pure blue. As soon as we woke up, we texted each other a few times to update our information, just like in a spy movie!

There are things that can be anticipated a month in advance, such as the perfect place and perfect time. This can be done on Skype according to the trip duration, the hotel location, or the planned other activities. But when it comes to weather or any unexpected event, we must be flexible at least a day before the event.
Of course, all these recommendations are anticipated at and everything went perfect.

Here is what Janina wrote on Facebook after the proposal:

Bruno is such a gift. The idea was he is a “secret photographer”. I had no idea that from the moment we stepped in Trocadero Eiffel viewing area, he started taking amazing photos, to the proposal itself and then the pictorial after (lol yes! I wasn’t ready :P). He builds connection to his clients. My fiancé told me that Bruno gave him “very helpful” tips for the proposal. This made everything easier for us since we just met him personally that day (even my fiancé). I really admire his passion for photography. It was clearly shown to each photo he took. It was definitely fun working with him; feels like we’ve known him for so long. Thank you for making our engagement beyond extra. ❤️ You were amazing, Bruno! ‘Til next time!