Organizing a proposal just when the Eiffel Tower first Sparkles in the evening is something very difficult and sometimes unpredictable …

The Eiffel Tower light sensors automatically switch on the main lights around half an hour after sunset. The sparkling effects starts every  hour at nighttime ( so 10pm, 11pm, midnight, 1am are sure) and last for 5 minutes.

So the very first sparkling depends on the season (sunset time) but also on the weather, and when it’s cloudy or stormy , you never exactly know when will be the first time !!!

Last Wednesday, we have been waiting until 9pm for the Eiffel Tower to sparkle. The sunset was at 8:35pm so there were 90% of chances to see the sparkling at 9pm…. but the sky was so bright that the Eiffel Tower light turned on at 9:05pm … we missed the sparkles, and would have had to wait for another hour … The GOOD side of this is that we got some VERY beautiful shots with an amazing sky 😉

Eiffel Tower at SunsetEiffel Tower at SunsetEiffel Tower at SunsetEngagement photo Eiffel Tower at SunsetEiffel Tower at Sunset engagement photo