There are things you can plan and things you can’t. When it comes to Paris sport events, you never know exactly what the impact will be on the day. The weather and the way the traffic has been rerouted can change everything!

Bir-Hakeim bridge is usually ten times more quiet than Iena Bridge ( the one next to the Eiffel Tower).

Whit Jon, we had many Skype meetings before the D Day, but we had not planned that the Football Euro Cup would have a dance party on that night under the Eiffel Tower!!! The traffic had been all re-routed to Bir-Hakeim Bridge, which was crowded as on Revolution Night fireworks! (every year on July 14th).

We had to change the proposal location at the last minute , due to many couples taking photos there.

That is the magical of photography : there are nobody else but Jon and Manal on the photographs , and they will not remember all the people around them , but only the emotion of the proposal itself.

My son Pierre and his best friend Thomas recorded this moment with a nice video movie .

You can see it here :

(please ask for the password in personal message)

I also made a slide-show from the photos.

Please see it there :

( same password for those who asked me ;-))