I am often asked if I cancel my shooting when it rains. The answer is NO!!!

Of course , when possible, I suggest to delay for a better weather. A heavy rain is definitely difficult to handle, but there are many covered places in Paris to photo-shoot with beautiful backdrops and a nice light. Just think of all the stunning bridges in Paris , they are all different !!!

The first prop to prepare a big umbrella. The light under a big umbrella is just amazing.

I had a few photo-shoots this year just before Valentine’s Day and the weather was really bad, with rain and wind. I used more indoor locations than usual, like cafés and hotels.

My second secret tool is my wide range of portable lights … Every year , I buying new lights , each of them has a special mood effect… from Tungsten ”cinema-like” to “star-war” ICE LIGHT that uses LED and creates little white lines in the eyes …