How to ? You need a good preparation

Proposal-in-Paris will never shoot if just a simple appointement is set up! A proposal is worth more preparation. We saw in the past so many colleagues/photographers missing clients, or unable to handle a last minute change. We want to avoid ruining such an important moment!

Misael contacted me by email a few months ago. We had several Skype meeting to arrange the best spots, but also to coordinate the pre proposal hour.

He lives in Houston, Texas, USA and although he had been once in Paris, my experienced helped a lot organizing the moment.

From Houston to London then to Paris

They had a first stop for a few days in London, but Misael had in mind to get down on one knee only in Paris.

Everything does not always happen like planned : their train from London was delayed, but I was flexible (as always!) and we managed to keep in touch all the way and meet on this Saturday early afternoon.

I secretly followed them from the Eiffel tower to the opposite side on the Seine River. This was a much more intimate place to propose and the view was even better at that time.

We were lucky the flooding happened just a few days after!

After the proposal

After Misael proposed to his fiancĂ©e, we’ve been together for almost an hour. We took some lovely pictures along the River, from Iena Bridge to Bir-Hakeim Bridge.

The light was not very bright , but I had my portable on-tripod-remote-light so the engagement photos look like there was some sun through the clouds 😉

Are you planning a similar project in Paris? Don’t wait : send us a message!

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