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Dennis and Michelle on one of the best proposal spot in Paris

When he first contacted me, Dennis’s plan was to propose in a restaurant near the Champs Elysées. Or maybe after dinner. He was not sure. Although that rooftop restaurant had a nice view on the Eiffel Tower, the risk of missing the proposal short moment was high. This is why I suggested to propose before dinner. I convinced him to change his retaurant reservation, so we could use a bigger rooftop as the perfect place for the proposal.

So that was acknowledged, and we organized everything on Skype. Dennis had never visited Paris before, but after our video meeting, he felt like he perfectly knew where to go.

We met at the Eiffel Tower and followed the couple for 15 minutes. We remained totally hidden. We arrived on the spot 5 minutes in advance and pretended we were tourists 😉

Additionnaly Dennis had asked to record a video of the proposal. My son Pierre was the perfect guy. He’s been doing this for 2 years now. We’ll share it soon when it’s edited.

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