Only the braves wake up at the crack of dawn to visit Paris! But it is worth it.

Waking up early is easy for those who are coming from the East, like Russia or Singapore, but it is an effort for those like Chun coming from the US.

The plan with Chun was quite simple : after we see each other at Trocadero Square, follow discreetly the couple until we reach the water jets down there. And tataaa ! Kneel down and ask the Big Question 😉

We were supposed to meet at 8:00am but I was so worried not to be late that I arrived there around 7:00am !!!

On their side , Mai was taking her time to get ready , and Chun could not rush too much…it was not a day to argue!

They arrived at 8:30 , when the sun was low on the left, but already shining bright. There was an amazing light on their faces, like in summer.

After the proposal itself, Chun introduced me to Mai and I staged some funny plans for letting them have fun together while I was capturing some very spontaneous moments. We crossed Pont d’Iena and took many engagement photos on Port Debilly and Champ de Mars.

spring sunrise on Trocadero Paris Eiffel Tower