Rahul was in touch with our studio more than six months previous to the proposal day. He is from Sydney, and he had to Skype from work ( 10 hours time difference with Paris ! ) to avoid Ranessa being aware of his proposal project…

Everything did not happen exactly like we had planned it, as we walked from Alexander III Bridge to Bir-Hakeim Bridge, and we had to stop by Passerelle Debilly because Ranessa was exhausted by the long day walkings !!
So the proposal happened at Passerelle Debilly instead of Bir-Hakeim Bridge, but text messages were definitely the best way to fix this kind of unattended changes!! That is how we switched the place to propose … from Trocadero to Bir-Hakeim … then finally opted for Passerelle Debilly 😉 Still following ??

Rahul made it in a very romantic way, Ranessa cried, she said yes … and did not notice at all that Kitty and I were shooting hundreds of good photos!!!

We just finished editing the slideshow that you can see below … and it’s a pleasure to share Rahul feedback message :

“Hi Bruno,

I just saw the video on your homepage. Ranessa absolutely loved it and it made her cry again!
It was beautiful

Thank you very much. Will get back to you about the photos and will be sure to comment on your websites