Adrian and Maddison live in Australia and they have booked a very big tour in Europe, starting in Amsterdam, then Paris, Monaco , and many places in Italy and Greece … it is a lifetime travel !!!

The idea of Adrian when he first secretely called me , was to propose when the Eiffel Tower sparkles. Unfortunately , this was not compatible with a gourmet dinner at the JULES VERNE restaurant. The sparkling times are only when the night comes down and that was during dinner !!!

So we have planned to meet before they go the restaurant at Trocadero. The restaurant location was a total surprise for Maddison …

I have been following the couple for half an hour before Adrian proposed on Pont de Bit-Hakeim.

And when it happened … Maddison could not stop crying !!!

After that we had an engagement photo-shoot in many places around the Eiffel Tower. In the end,  the most unattended thing happened : the sky became very dark , we found ourselves under a storm … and the Eiffel Tower sparkled at 9pm instead of 10pm usually ( the light remote is probably controlled by the ambient light …).

Then they could have a romantic dinner up there in the Eiffel Tower …

Congrats to both of you !!!

Here is what Adrian wrote me yesterday :

“Hello Bruno!
Maddison and myself would just like to say thank you again. Last night was absolutely amazing and we really appreciate all the effort you put in.
I received your email (with the gallery login details). We had a very quick look through the photos and they look absolutely amazing! Thank you so much. Both Maddison and I have agreed that the picture under the bridge with the boat passing by is our favourite. It turned out better than we could have ever expected.”
lady crying during a surprise proposal in paris at Bir Hakeim bridge
engagement session in Paris couple in love forehead to forehead from seine banks black and white
engagement session in Paris under iena bridge at sunset kissing couple love
candid couple in love walking under Bir Hakeim bridge near Eiffel Tower in Paris black and white
engagement session Paris hugging couple proposal black and white
proposal in paris couple in love downstairs black and white Bir Hakeim bridge