Proposal under the rain in Paris on Pont de Solferino

I am sometimes asked: what can be done on a rainy day?… Well, it depends … on the season, on the kind of rain, and how long you will stay in Paris!

I use professional cameras and lenses from Canon, and a black Neoprene “second skin”protecting my gear, and keeping every shot discreet. But a thick rain is really like a grey curtain, especially when the photos are taken 150 ft away from the couple.

In Winter
In Paris, the rain is really cold in winter, and usually last for the day. Regardless of any technical issues we encounter while photoshooting in bad conditions, walking under a big rain is definitely not a pleasure,even for a couple in love. If your trip lasts for a few days, I would recommend to postpone. Of course, we know covered places in Paris, but the scenery in the background will never be as good as in dry conditions.
Buy a good large umbrella ( they now sell umbrellas that can resist to a storm 😉 , bring good gloves and scarves, avoid wearing a hood

In Spring
From March to May, the rain is usually for a short time (let’s say less than one hour). If we wait until the rain stops, we may have the opportunity to get some beautiful cloudy skies and even some sun, a few minutes after the rain. So why not wait and go for a coffee at Starbucks! The wait is usually worth it…

In Summer
Rain will come mostly from local storms in summer. As the rain should stop after half an hour, I strongly recommend to wait under a bridge or in a Café. We will follow the couple during this moment of rest, taking hidden candid photographs. If you cannot avoid proposing under the rain, a big white or transparent umbrella will be our best friend, as it will provide a soft light over the couple.

In a few words
Check the weather forecast in Paris the day before the D-day. The weather can completely change in 24 hours in Paris. If you stay for a limited time, we will arrange our schedules to postpone if necessary, or change the location for a sheltered place. Remember : we never failed on a proposal photoshooting 🙂 and we are here to help you. After the rain always comes the sun!!

The photos below have been taken on the same day, with the same couple than the photo on the top of this page

proposal in paris couple in love from Alexandre three bridge front of Eiffel Tower portrait couple hand in hand run at Alexandre three bridge proposal in paris

And the best part of this post is just below, but we can’t promise it happens every time …

Amazing rainbow over the Eiffel Tower after a surprise proposal in paris