A tricky preparation

Danilo contacted us from Columbia a few weeks before his Marriage proposal in Paris.

He had accepted that the proposal would be recorded by a French TV company. The M6 TV team was interested in documenting why so many people choose Paris and the Seine river as the ideal place for proposing. We always take the time to prepare the paths and the best spots with our clients. In that case, the TV team had some little more requirements: they needed to hide a microphone in Danilo’s shirt to record his words. The preparation was a three persons meeting on Skype that took almost 4 hours.

On the D Day

On the D day, Danilo and Shirley’s flight was delayed and the proposal could not happen early in the morning like planned. But as usual, we were very flexible and decided to re-schedule everything to the early afternoon. A lot of text messages were sent between us during the night before the proposal!

The chosen spot was Bir-Hakeim bridge, with its stunning view on the Eiffel Tower.

My assistant Florentin was standing at the perfect place and held a bunch of red flowers. When he offered the roses to Shirley , she immediately got the message. Ans of course, she said YES!



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