Enis had a dream to have a violonist playing his girlfriend’s favorite song during his proposal.

When he came across my web site and contacted me, I said I could arrange that 😉

I contacted my friends Isabelle and Lionel, who are both professional musicians , and they re-arranged this modern Turkish song to be played by only two violinists.

Although Saturday morning was very cold and windy , the two musicians were playing music as the couple was walking by … Enis asked them if they knew any Turkish song , and …. Magic ! They played the famous preferred song !!!

The result was so stunning and full of emotion we are looking forward to doing it again 😉

surprise proposal in paris front Eiffel Tower musicians violinists emotions couple in love
Engagement session from Bir-Hakeim bridge jumping couple in love happy black and white
proposal in  paris kissing couple from seine banks near Pont d'Iena front of Eiffel Tower
proposal in paris kissing couple from de Bir-Hakeim bridge at daylight front of Eiffel Tower blue sky