Why the Musee Rodin?

Steve and Julia are both from LA. They work for a radio station. It was Steve’s first time in Paris. Unlike most people who call me for a proposal in Paris photo shoot, he didn’t want that Eiffel Tower background. He was certain that his girlfriend would love the Musee Rodin’s Garden. She knew  and loved that place she had visited on a previous travel. That’s important to talk with your girlfriend of the places she would love the most to visit. Visiting Musee Rodin’s garden was his girlfriend’s wish!

Preparation of a proposal photo shoot

A few weeks before, I had shared with him some photos of the different nice places I had in mind. Fortunately, the rain stopped before the couple came in the Garden. There were too many people near the “Penseur” statue and the rose garden, so they crossed the entire garden and walked to reach the fountain at the end of the garden. I really thought he would propose there … but he didn’t. Steve and Julia continued their walk to the left in a more quiet place under the trees … this is where they stopped and while I was pretending to admire a statue nearby, he got down on one knee!

A typical photo shoot with Bruno

Then Steve introduced me to Julia, and we could shoot for almost two hours. We could use the fountain, the Museum old buildings and the rose garden as backdrops.

At one point, we decided to leave the Museum and took the next couple’s pictures on the Esplanade des Invalides. This place is famous for its golden Dome Church. We were very close to the Alexandre III Bridge , so that was our next spot. Luckily , it was not crowded, due to the bad weather.

Well , like I always say, it’s tough to shoot under the rain, but it’s definitely worth shooting under a cloudy sky with the wind blowing in the women’s hair and dresses!

We then moved to the river bank under the bridge, with its Eiffel style iron structures. Finally, the photo shoot ended at the Pont des Invalides, with a bit of Eiffel Tower in the distance.

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