Another day, another couple…

The year 2013 was an amazing year for the team of proposal in Paris with around 10 lovely couples saying yes to get married! Aykut is an engineer in a Turkish building company, and Ozlem, his wife, is an English teacher in Istanbul. You understand, they are both from Turkey. They are both great persons, kind, smiling, brilliant, actually a lot of positive characteristics we can notice in one day, sometimes only for a couple of hours. Obviously the organisation wasn’t a one-day job, it took time for Aykut and me to be sure of what we do, when and where we do it…

What ? An hidden photo shooting for Aykut proposal in Paris to his love mate, Ozlem.

When ? You can get it with the title of the article, on August of 2013. A summer proposal for this classy couple enjoying Paris monuments in the middle of all the tourist groups. We made an act of courage this day ! This time of the year, Parisians aren’t at home, all of us are in holidays far away from Paris. At this time of the year, tourists own Paris.

Where ? This time, the proposal didn’t happen on the Bir-Hakeim Bridge. It didn’t happen down the Eiffel Tower nor in front of the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. It actually happen behind Notre Dame, an original proposal this time!

We were following our couple of the day when we saw an street artist doing a superb street show, he was juggling with blown glass bulbs! The atmosphere was so nice, it was perfect for our Turkish love mates.

Aykut proposed to Ozlem on a bridge behind the Cathedral, after having seen the ring and before saying “yes”, she let flow tears of joy before kissing her future husband. She looked like she was feeling funny when Aykut showed to her the proposal in Paris team.

Afterwards, we started a photo shooting with Aykut and Ozlem, we went on the Seine banks, under bridges, on bridges, in the Parisian streets. As a symbol, they put two locks before throwing the key in the Parisian river. The selection of the shots for this article was hard because every single shot they chose was beautiful.

The mission has been completed, thanks to them and thanks to the proposal in Paris team, this day, this proposal, this year was amazing.

We wish them well.