“This was most romantic day of my life. On my boyfriend’s 30th Birthday, he asked me to give him the greatest gift he’s ever been given, which was to spend an eternity with him, and I said YES!”

Brittany’s words after her surprise proposal photo-shooting are clear enough. Tyler and Brittany are from Denver and he works in the financial sector what could be a better gift for his 30th birthday, than Brittany’s hand?

On May the 10th of 2017, at 6 a.m., we had to meet on the Trocadero Plaza as Tyler wanted. This was the most early proposal we made! The daylight was incredible, the colour of the sky was a mix between light pink and light blue, the Eiffel Tower looked younger than ever.

They were both very well dressed, she wore a wool tan trench under which was a skin-tight dress with black heels and a dark grey scarf, and he was dressed with a navy blue suit… Both were very classy for the most romantic day of their loves mates’ life.

After a few seconds during which Brittany was listening to Tyler’s love words, she saw him getting down on one knee, and then she realised what was happening… He pulled out from his pocket a blue box covered of velvet, containing a beautiful ring made for Brittany’s finger…

Brittany’s “yes” wasn’t really a surprise, as you can guess… But when she saw the proposal in Paris team, the surprise was real for her…

The time was perfect because they were alone on the Trocadero Plaza, almost no bystanders or tourists taking pictures were here, which is usually impossible. We took this advantage to take pictures on the Trocadero Plaza and its park where we could have amazing shots of Brittany and Tyler… Around 400 shots had been taken this day, and 100 edited and retouched pictures were selected by the couple.

We are very proud of this proposal’s photo-shooting, and so they are. They chose proposal in Paris, why not you?

We wish them well.

From Paris With Love

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